Version: 0.12.0
Release Date: 5/28/2017

- Enhanced server networking code; this will minimize client lag per client due to large packets being sent and received over the network.
- Attempted to implement code to enhance the TCP system a little more. It should be more responsive both on the server and the client to network status changes. (Hopefully, this kills "ghost logins", and "Destiny Bond logouts")
- Made a few Pokedex fixes. Now you can see a Pokemon's base HP as well as it's other base stats. Also, the Pokedex will now show you the HP EV yeild of Pokemon, if any.
- In addition to Pokedex fixes, it has also been given a slight functional upgrade allowing for [Mouse]-free useage. Mostly...
- Fixed an issue with the PC/Bank Storage where you could input non-integer values and crash the game server (yikes!!)
- A small, maybe unnoticeable change; but, after a server reset the time of day is randomly selected (as opposed to starting on [Day]).
- Showing off yet another battle scene done by a wonderful artist! 
- I've included a credits page on the client. FORGIVE ME IF I'VE FORGOTTEN YOU. Email me for credit (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). I will put a credits page up on the website soon enough.
- Not running into wild Pokemon after a unusually long time? No worries! The /refresh command has been retooled to fix the issue whenever it occurs. This, of course, is only a temporary fix.
- The "/stuck" command has been changed to "/home" so that it does not feel like an exploit, cheating, or anything like that.
- Cleaned up the shop interface a little bit by removing "ea." from the item lists so it's less of an eye sore
- An issue where Players couldn't buy stackable items with a full bag even though they possessed a few of the items in their inventory has been fixed.
- Moving away from Facebook as the main method of contact. I have retooled the launcher to include latest news pulled directly from, which mirrors the news from the main project webpage. The main project webpage will go back to being the main source of news and information. The Facebook will remain (I don't know how long for), but will no longer be the primary method of information transfer.
- Updates have been made to the Trainer Card. Now, when you view your own card, you can now see your Badge Case and Professions progress.

Version: 0.11.4
Release Date: 2/1/2017

- The EXP Gain bug has been fixed. It all works as intended now.
- Code has been injected to fix the PvP fight glitch. This has been tested and confirmed fixed.
- Sprites! Whaaaaat? NPCs now don't look the same as each other! (Sit tight, a paperdoll system for customized player sprites is coming!!)
- More server stability code has been written. The server doesn't crash anymore, but now it tends to have huge lag spikes. Investigating the issue with this.
- Client stability improved.
- Items weren't made any easier to pick up... I've addressed that issue.
- Some minor client improvements.
- Is a player in battle? Their name will be a firy orange, and they will be animated in place! Neat!
- Now you wont be bothered about not being able to issue challenges in safe zones, since you can't do it anyway.
- Since time of day shifts are important, I decided they are going to get their own category of message: [Time]! Complete with a different text color.
- Since people couldn't handle a 100 accuracy move still having a 1% potential to miss (like it does in the games... look at Bulbapedia), I have made it to where these moves wont miss, barring stat changes. Enjoy your easy mode, casuals.
- Draining moves now work as intended, and ending a battle or KOing a Pokemon with a draining move still bestows health gain.
- Recoil damage now works as intended.

Version: 0.11.2
Release Date: 1/27/2017

- Time of Day moved to title bar (instead of right below it).
- Added a timer to the client where the time of day used to be that will tell players how long they have until the next time of day change.
- Added DDoS Mitigation system to the server.
- Increased server stability. More server improvements.
- The party pokemon glitch with the main UI has been addressed. Code to fix the issue has been implemented.
- Glitch with losing a battle and loading screen being stuck until using /refresh has been fixed.
- Minor text fixes and changes.
- It seems like the glitch where you no longer encounter wild Pokemon has been squashed or it's presence has been harder to detect...
- Now when you challenge an NPC to a fight you have to finish the fight for all the Pokemon that participated in the battle to gain experience. This was necessary due to an exploit that was discovered to quickly level Pokemon. Yes, the same applies for EVs. (You need to earn experience to earn EVs!!) Due to this exploit and an adjustment in Pokemon rarity rate/Pokemon availability, accounts made before the date of this update will be deleted. Sorry!
- Added more RNG features! Using /roll [optional: number of sides] will now roll a die with the number of dice specified. /dice with no specified number of sides will roll out of 100. /dice with a number than is less than or equal to two 2 will flip a coin (Heads/Tails). You may use /flip instead of /dice 2, either works. No dice can be bigger than a d100.
- NEW CONTENT HAS BEEN RELEASED! Enjoy more Pokemon spawns and more NPCs to battle. :) 
- As per popular request, I have removed the AFK kick timer. The auto AFK timer is still implemented, however...
- Athena has tightened her grip and her punishments are more accurate.

Version: 0.11.0
Release Date: 1/23/2017

- REPLACED UDP NETWORK CODE WITH TCP NETWORK CODE. This will make a huge difference, I promise. <3
- Client no longer exits to menu. :( I know, that sucks, but it had to be done for TCP code to work properly. The game will now fully close.
- Added "Caught" symbol in wild battles for Pokemon you have already obtained.
- Added a "functioning" time system (no graphics to represent times of day yet).
** EXPLAINATION: There are four times of day: [Day, Evening, Night, Morning]. Each time of day will last 1 real hour. Certain Pokemon will only appear during certain times of day. Given that there is 24 hours in a real day and four times of day, each ingame day cycle will last 4 hours for a total of 6 day cycles per real day.
- Added a clock to the client that reflects server time (EST).
- More server stability code has been implemented. Server down time is going to be a thing of the past with your help!! Keep on playing!
- Added a Challenge Rating system to NPCs to scale fights a little better.
- PvP fights are finally scaled! Be on even ground in every match you compete in!
- Slight main UI changes and improvements.
- Slight battle UI changes. Not every change is permanent, don't worry!!
- Altered the Pokemon that spawn on routes. Some were added, some were taken away, and some were made more rare. Happy hunting!
- Are they AFK? The '/who' slash command now shows who is afk.

Version: 0.10.3
Release Date: 1/19/2017

- Increased client stability.
- Greatly increased server stability.
- NPCs, items, and objects are easier to interact with.
- Adrastos is large, and movement scales slowly. To compensate, players have been given a movement buff while in the city of Adrastos!
- A /stuck command has been implemented on a 30 minute cooldown timer. If you somehow get stuck outside of bounds, you may use it to teleport to your last visited Pokemon Center.
- Added a Release button to the PC. Goodbye, my friend!
- Several misc quality of life changes and improvements.
- Added a timer to show how much time you have left until you can rechallenge an NPC.

Version: 0.10.2
Release Date: 1/19/2017

- Increased client stability.
- Changed color of global chat.
- Decrease wild Pokemon encounter rate.