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[PokeStory Client]
25.1 MBs
Description: The main client needed to connect to the PokeStory game server. This program is delivered in a setup installer.
System Requirements (minimum): Windows XP (32 bit and 64 bit) or later, 1GHz CPU or better, 1GB RAM or more, 6GB disk space or more, .NET 4.5.1 or better, broadband internet connection
NOTE: Please understand that this product is in beta. That means, specific features may be glitched, missing, or otherwise do not work as intended. This also means that your account is subject to being wiped. This means you may lose Pokemon, items, other progress, and/or your entire account. Please bare with us as we stabilize the server and client programs and balance the game content. Enjoy the beta release. :)

[PokeStory Optional Image Pack]
457 MBs
Description: An optional download. This program installs animated Pokemon gifs to the "PokeStory\Resources\Pokemon Sprites\" directory. These materials are Copyright&Trademark Nintendo and Gamefreak. Studio TM14 does not own the rights to them and thus is distributing them free of charge. They were ripped by the team at PkParaiso.

[PokeStory Optional Map Pack]
5.47 MBs
Description: An optional download. By default, PokeStory's client is installed with an empty "PokeStory\Maps\" directory. This program installs all the maps to date to this directory. Useful if a slower connection makes map transitions to unexplored maps too slow.

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