A Letter from Matt Nwachukwu:

Greetings, adventurer. I hope you are enjoying PokeStory and all it has to offer. Running a server costs money that I am happy to pay for out of pocket. Payment to play PokeStory or access any of the materials copyrighted by Nintendo and Gamefreak is NOT required. I supply the materials and service free of charge. However, you can help. If you want to help development as a contributor, I have set up this page for you to make monetary donations to Studio TM14. The funds collected on this page will only be used to support PokeStory development and maintenance.

To add a bit of incentive, if donations in a month add up to the cost of the server for one month, I will enable double experience for the rest of the month.


70 / $30 raised for double experience this month! DOUBLE EXPERIENCE ACTIVE UNTIL 2/28/2016!! THANK YOU! :)


I thank you in advance for any amount of money you are able to donate. Every little bit helps! :)


Contribution Level

Please note that a donation is not a payment for services or materials, but rather a gift from you to Studio TM14. Please understand that donations are not collected for profit, and that a donation is not required to access any services or materials provided by Studio TM14. I reiterate: this is not a payment. If you do not agree or do not understand, please leave this page and do not make a donation.