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Development Updates

Written by Silver on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nobody likes an empty world, right?

Recently, we've finished recreating a set of tools that became deprecated once I decided to recreate the PokeStory website from scratch after our previous webhost lost all of our data and I switched to a new host. Since then, getting the website online and making continuous updates had been a priority.

Part of the suite of tools we've recreated will allow us to create NPCs faster than ever before. With this new tool, non battling NPCs will slowly start to make their way into the world of PokeStory to offer advice, tell cheesy jokes, and guide players on their way. Their main purpose will be to begin breathing lore into the game, as my grand vision for PokeStory is vast and what's currently playable is less than 15% of what I have in store.

Don't worry - we're working quickly to deliver long overdue content updates. New areas will be available soon and more game systems will be added and unlocked for your enjoyment.

The game server is still online! Why don't you give it a shot? The newly improved graphics engine will surely impress you, if you're used to PokeStory's and Pokemon: Den of Age's old graphics engines.

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