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Version 0.22.1 released

Written by Silver on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hello everyone.

Version 0.22.1 has been released, and with it comes along a ton of changes. I'll skip straight to what's fixed:

- Addressed issue where log in screen would hang after signing in
- Fixed some issues with the server not updating clients when a client disconnects
- Fixed issued related to issuing pvp challenges and the space bar
- Fixed issues for users with multiple monitors where child windows didn't respect the parent's position
- Fixed issue for players joining outdoor maps from indoor maps not seeing other players

I hope you guys appreciate how tirelessly I've worked to squash bugs that have been lingering for ages. I appreciate the patience you guys have shown. I have a road map of the next few releases I plan to field with actual new features. Baring any bugs that may show up, the next 3 or so releases should introduce new features for everyone to play around with.

Version 0.22.1 is publicly available for download now and the server has been brought back online with the latest version.

As a side note, I also want to mention that there is now a publicly available PokeStory API which you can use to integrate PokeStory into your apps. I know it has a small availability of endpoint right now but as development continues, more endpoints will become available to use.

I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for your patience.

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