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Version 0.21.0 is on the way

Written by Silver on Monday, September 6, 2021

Hi everyone,

In the recurring theme of improvements and optimizations, I present version 0.21.0! It's been pretty stable so far and it offers things like a modernized chat box and the party Pokemon window you all deserved from the start. Among other under the hood changes, the blending between the old PokeStory engine and the new Cannoli engine I was a developer on is continuing. Every day I find ways to improve how the two projects blend. Soon it'll be hard to tell what was original engine code and what is new Cannoli engine code.

I know you all are probably eagerly awaiting new features and I thank you for your continued patience. These last several releases (and possibly the next one or two) are all important for maintaining the health of the source code. Part of the reason why new features are slow to release is the current state of the engine. Some of the changes I'm making are crucial to speed up the rate at which new features can be implemented. I hope you all can understand. I still have my sights firmly set on getting PokeStory to version 1, but without the changes I'm making now, version 1 would take much longer to reach than they would if I just took the time to redo some of these crucial systems. Some design choices that were made in 2017 are ending up to kick me in the pants now, but these little lessons allow me to grow as a developer which will ultimately result in the most polished PokeStory I can produce.

Version 0.21.0 will probably go live later today. The server will be offline for up to 1 hour as I update the pertinent files and release the update files for download. The bigger changes include:

- Reworked the chat box
- Massively reworked the main UI
- Massively reworked the party Pokemon menu

I am already planning what's coming next, and the next round of changes and fixes planned will be the last efforts I put into updating the engine before I start to truly focus on adding new features and content. After which, I'll finally unveil my plans for my road map to version 1, which will include non-stop feature additions and content creation.

Thank you for your continued interest in the project!