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Version 0.20.4 released

Written by Silver on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to announce that version 0.20.4 has been released. There's a lot of under the hood improvements to the game engine and server, but to highlight the more visible changes, I'm copying the patch notes into this article. They are as follows:

- Completely replaced networking library with something more modern, bringing long needed reliability and stability to the client and server
- Completely reworked the Battle, PC, and Shop windows, while tweaking others to make them more intuitive to use
- Fixed issues with Login window
- Miscellaneous server fixes

I think that you guys will really like the reworked windows. I was a little frustrated with some my original designs, so I decided to redo them, and I have more changes planned to come.

Version 1 is still on my mind, but I had a lot of nagging issues I wanted to address with the game engine before I move forward with developing new features. I promised to bring over features from my other project into PokeStory, so that's next up on my todo list, but after I finish porting those features over, I'll be working on the items in my "Roadmap To Version 1" list.

I hope everyone enjoys the marked improvement with this version and as always, thank you for being loyal fans!

Tags: v0.20.4, UI rework