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Version 0.20.x coming soon!

Written by Silver on Monday, August 16, 2021

Hello everyone!

I've been working pretty hard over the last few weeks making sure that PokeStory is a stable experience for players going forward. Looking at the state of the code, there was a lot of reworking that needed to be done that was preventing the quick release of newer features. I've made many changes to the source code that would be otherwise invisible, but offer many marked improvements.

Some changes include:
- Greatly optimized the menu system
- Replaced networking library with one that is more robust, secure, and speedy
- Reworked some UI menus to make them easier to use

And that's just some of the more visible changes. The version 0.20.x series puts PokeStory much closer to a v1 release. Not to mention, it modernizes many of the systems that the game uses to ensure a more reliable play experience.

Version 1 is closer than ever before, and updates like this help ensure that the game makes it to a v1 release smoothly and painlessly.

The current release candidate, v0.20.2, is slated to be released in the coming days. When the update occurs, the game server will be brought down for up to an hour. Once the update has been complete and is available for the public, I will write another article which will herald its release.

As always, thanks for being loyal fans. I hope to continue delivering development updates which signal PokeStory's ever-marching pace towards v1.

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