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The mail server is back online!

Written by Silver on Saturday, June 19, 2021

Hello everyone,

With more than a year between this article and the last, I figured I'd let everyone who was curious know that I finally got around to fixing that mail server issue, so now it should be possible to register for accounts and receive activation emails! If you registered for an account while the mail server was down, visit this page to request a new activation email be sent to your inbox.

I am incredibly sorry for such a long return time on this. There is really no excuse for it.

The website has gotten a few small improvements, and the Cannoli engine has really started evolving to have all sorts of neat features I want to eventually port back down into PokeStory... I have so much to say about PokeStory Development, I'm just going to have to write a separate article just to talk about it. I'm pretty excited to discuss how I'm finally going to get PokeStory to a v1 version and to bring it out of the endless beta it has been in for almost 6 years.

Thank you everyone for your support and feedback. It really does mean a lot to me.