The game server is currently online.

The update server is back online!

Written by Silver on Friday, December 21, 2018
Last Edited by Silver on Saturday, July 24, 2021

After a few embarrassing days of an offline update server and an inaccessible game server running the latest most stable version, we're finally back online!

Long story short, I had to do an impromptu server move after the old server host closed its doors - yikes! They announced that they would be closing their doors a few hours after I had noticed the update server was down. No news from them still, but I have since transferred hosts. Luckily, I had everything backed up. It just took a little time to get everything reuploaded and reconfigured. But now, you should be able to download the latest version, version 0.17.0, and enjoy a more stable and buttery-smooth gameplay experience!

Thank you for all of your patience! Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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