Welcome to our wonderful world of Pokemon!


PokeStory is an online Pokemon RPG in development which aims to be content heavy and feature rich. Play Pokemon in real time with other real people as you capture, train, and battle Pokemon. In PokeStory, there is no end to the Pokemon adventure!


PokeStory will be available as an open beta starting on 1/18/2017. Download the client and help the team discover bugs and increase stability! Please understand that the beta release is going to be lacking in features, missing content, and prone to errors. Bare with us as we iron out those bugs, add content, and develop features! :)


Everyone is aware of the next big update coming to the game, correct? Well, I have a small treat for you all. While waiting for the big update to come out, I have a small update that fixes a load of problems and introduces a few new bells and whistles. This update is meant to update the game engine (which it is in dire need of) and to lay down the ground work to seamlessly and smoothly release the two big systems coming soon (Professions and Quests).

After the Quests and Professions update comes out, our goal is to release a lot more content and to go back to a regular content release schedule while also keeping up with regular game engine updates.

I have also decided to move the weekly tournament to Sundays, so this week, the new update will go live after the tournament concludes. I hope to see you all there and I hope you enjoy the update we've been working hard to deliver and the updates we work hard to prepare for you.

[Tourny happens EVERY Sunday @ 9pm held at the Adrastos Colosseum.]

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The world of Aethermoor is large and expansive. Larger than any you've ever seen before; and through constant updates, Aethermoor will continue to grow. Be among first to uncover the mysteries of this new world!


In Aethermoor, unique creatures called Pokemon roam free around every turn. As a trainer, you have earned the right to capture, trade, and train Pokemon! But Pokemon aren't the only unique thing in Aethermoor. There are also grand treasures to be discovered!


Aethermoor is gripped with fierce conflict between two powerful groups of trainers. Compete in battles, tournaments, and even a Pokemon League as you journey to be the very best and claim your position at top!