Welcome to our wonderful world of Pokemon!


PokeStory is an online Pokemon RPG in development which aims to be content heavy and feature rich. Play Pokemon in real time with other real people as you capture, train, and battle Pokemon. In PokeStory, there is no end to the Pokemon adventure!


PokeStory will be available as an open beta starting on 1/18/2017. Download the client and help the team discover bugs and increase stability! Please understand that the beta release is going to be lacking in features, missing content, and prone to errors. Bare with us as we iron out those bugs, add content, and develop features! :)

Tonight, the PokeStory Beta you've all been waiting for goes live. Even though just a tiny portion of it is available, if you check out the World Map, you'll see just how much more content is coming.

And the feature list has room to grow, so expect more features to come along with content updates!

As it looks now, the team can vow to have content roll out on a weekly basis until the entire World Map to date is available.

Of course, the World Map we have now is approximately 1/3 of the size we plan to have by the time PokeStory gets a final release.

PokeStory is going to be huge, and you get to be on the forefront, exploring the content before anyone else for years to come. Thank you for supporting us for the last three years. And for those of you from Pokemon: Den of Ages, thanks for supporting us for over a decade. I feel like we've cultivated an amazing community here.

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The world of Aethermoor is large and expansive. Larger than any you've ever seen before; and through constant updates, Aethermoor will continue to grow. Be among first to uncover the mysteries of this new world!


In Aethermoor, unique creatures called Pokemon roam free around every turn. As a trainer, you have earned the right to capture, trade, and train Pokemon! But Pokemon aren't the only unique thing in Aethermoor. There are also grand treasures to be discovered!


Aethermoor is gripped with fierce conflict between two powerful groups of trainers. Compete in battles, tournaments, and even a Pokemon League as you journey to be the very best and claim your position at top!